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Abortion being legal is not enough

Abortion being legal is not enough

The time has come for Planned Parenthood to be closed!
California: Judecătorul din procesul Planned Parenthood a ordonat juriului să-l condamne pe jurnalistul David Daleiden
Planned Parenthood a fost forțată să admită în instanță recoltarea de părți fetale avortate

Undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt recorded Planned Parenthood employees discussing the sale of the body parts from aborted babies. These journalists believed they were “investigating violent felonies committed against children born alive in Planned Parenthood facilities.”

Planned Parenthood won their civil suit with the help of a cooperative judge. U.S. District Judge William Orrick III has he served as secretary and counsel to one of their affiliates, and his wife made inflammatory public statements against the defendants. He did not recuse himself, nor did the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals compel Orrick to recuse himself.

Orrick steered the case away from First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of the press issues that would normally be in play in a case involving investigative journalism. He cut off testimony and evidence that called attention to “exactly what the conversations were about.” He refused to let the jury see most of the videos in question. He instructed the jury to find the defendants guilty of trespass. The only question was the amount of the damages to be awarded.

This case illustrates the elements of the Deep State working together. Abortion being legal is not enough for the Deep State. The Abortion Industry must be beyond criticism. ….

Abortion must be protected because it is the ultimate guarantor of the [Sexual Revolution’s absurd claim] that sex is a sterile activity. [They need us to believe that every] person old enough to give meaningful consent is entitled to unlimited, child-free, problem-free, guilt-free sex. If abortion has serious side effects, even for some people, publicizing that fact undermines the “right” to sex….

That is why keeping abortion “safe and legal” has never been enough.

The Ruth Institute