Furdui Case: The Jugendamt Prisoners | April 26, 2022 – A nightmare of a year for the Furdui Family

Furdui Case: The Jugendamt Prisoners | April 26, 2022 – A nightmare of a year for the Furdui Family

The Furdui family’s case came to international public attention in the spring of 2021, when all the seven children of the family were taken from their home in the town of Walsrode by the Jugendamt (German Social Welfare and Youth Office) Bad Fallingbostel, Lower Saxony, Germany, on the basis of allegations for abuses to which they were allegedly subjected by their parents.

Romanian Tribune published a series of articles in the matter of the Furdui family from Germany, based on an ongoing investigation that we started few months ago.

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Yesterday, 26 April 2022, it was one year since the Furdui children were abusively taken away by the Jugendamt.

The Furdui Initiative Team issued the following statement:

On April 26, 2021, without any warning, without an appropriate social investigation or a simple discussion with the parents, Jugendamt Heidekreis abusively intervened in the Furdui family and took away all seven children, whom they then separated in a supermarket parking lot in Walsrode.

David was 15 years old; Naomi, 14; Esther, 13; Natalia, 12; Ruben, 11; Albert, 9; and little Lea was only 1 year old.

A year has passed since the Jugendamt caused the drama in this family, and what is more tragic is that Heidekreis officials continue to subject the Furdui family to abuse and separation.

In one day the Jugendamt Heidekreis managed the incredible performance of destroying the Furdui family through incompetence and the catastrophic way of handling the situation. The entire responsibility for the suffering caused to the Furdui family rests with Heidekreis officials.

A year has passed in which the Jugendamt has not acted in any way to reunite the family, constantly ignoring the desperate calls of the children to be allowed to come home, the efforts of parents Camelia and Peter to rectify the situation, and, above all, the extraordinary mobilization of communities in Europe, America, and Australia in support of the Furdui family.

On the contrary, the Jugendamt Heidekreis has now banned whole family gatherings, the children can no longer see each other, and little Lea is kept away from her parents and siblings. Jugendamt is determined to move the little boys to another locality, thus breaking them off from the school environment to which they are accustomed.

Ruben and Albert have been traumatized and completely alienated from their family.

Esther and Natalia are not yet at home even though the court in Walsrode ruled on March 21 that they could return home – the Jugendamt are intentionally delaying this.

This past year we have been contacted by other families who are victims of the same Jugendamt, which further confirms that we are dealing with blatant incompetence and animosity perpetuated locally and supported politically, evident by keeping the employment of the people responsible for these actions.

Who can account for the suffering, stress, and trauma caused by the Jugendamt Heidrekreis? Who can fix this injustice? Who will take responsibility for the abuses of power against the Furdui family? Who is responsible for the willful and wanton incompetence of the Heideikreis officials?

The Furdui Initiative Team, together with all their supporters, will not be silent and will not stop until the Furdui family is reunited and those responsible for this drama are publicly and officially disavowed. We cannot remain indifferent to the suffering to which the Furdui family has been subjected.

It has been a year, a nightmare for the Furdui family. How many more families in Germany will have to go through the same nightmare?