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MIDTERMS 2022 | Top 5 topics of the November 8 US elections

MIDTERMS 2022 | Top 5 topics of the November 8 US elections

On November 8, the United States holds congressional, state legislative and gubernatorial midterm elections. Early voting has already begun in some st

On November 8, the United States holds congressional, state legislative and gubernatorial midterm elections. Early voting has already begun in some states and televised candidate debates are underway.

The United States is going through a difficult time economically, socially, constitutionally, and culturally, and Americans are expected to decide soon which path they are putting the nation on. Amidst this context, Watching the media, talking to people from many spheres of American society, and analyzing the candidates’ performances in the election debates, it’s easy to see 5 major topics that are at the forefront of this election.

  1. The economy

It is no surprise to anyone that the US economy is in a precarious state. Inflation is at a 40-year high, prices have skyrocketed, while the Biden administration is pouring billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars into projects that further deepen living standards.

Both President Biden and Democratic Party leaders and congressmen refuse to admit that the U.S. is in a recession, changing definitions and language on the go, hoping Americans won’t notice.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House of Representatives, said that Americans are not concerned about the economy and that whenever inflation comes up, she feels forced to change the subject.

“When I hear people talking about inflation…we need to change the subject.”

The members of the Biden administration are no different. Every White House press conference has become a dodge-fest, a dismissal of the real economic situation, with Democrats choosing to blame everyone else but their policies: Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine are the main culprits, followed immediately by former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, with the list being closed by covid.

An October CAPS-Harris poll shows that 73% of Americans believe inflation is on the rise, while 55% blame the Biden administration for the trend. 57% of Americans say their financial situation is getting worse.

Two years ago, in Trump’s administration, the United States was experiencing the highest economic growth in history, the lowest unemployment rate, especially among black Americans, energy independence for the first time in 70 years, and was once again a global political and military power.

In October 2022, inflation reached 8.2%. In July it was 9.1%. As a result, spending by an American family in 2022 increased by an average of $341 per month, and for a standard of living similar to that of past years, Americans would have to spend an additional approximately $11,500 per year.

Can Americans say they are better off today? The simple answer is no.

  1. The energy

Since the 2020 election campaign and immediately after taking office, President Biden has declared war on American energy independence, on fossil fuels. In his first days in office, he signed executive orders halting oil and gas exploration and extraction on federal property, halting the major Keystone Pipeline project, and promoting the “electric” fantasy.

The absurd and extremist “green energy” projects of abandoning internal combustion engines, banning cow flatulence and burping, etc., have decimated energy jobs, putting America in a dangerous security spot, both domestically and internationally. But the most painful consequence of the Biden administration’s flawed energy policies has been in the cost of fuel for Americans who need their cars in their daily lives.

Two years ago, the US became energy independent for the first time in 70 years, able to sustain its economy and export energy, with the average price of fuel at the pump at $2.10 per gallon.

In 2022, the highest price per gallon reached $5.03 nationally, averaging $4.6 over the year.

The price of fuel began to take off with Biden’s accession to the White House, derailed by every economic policy enacted by the administration and the Democratic Congress – things Biden and the Democrats refuse to acknowledge and own up to. Instead, they claim to have contributed to lower fuel prices, finding, not surprisingly, that others are to blame for that as well: Vladimir Putin, again, private energy companies, Saudi Arabia and the Republican Party.

But the most real barometer remains the gas pump display and the money Americans have been spending on fuel over the past two years: in 2020, Americans were spending about $105 a month on fuel, and in 2022 they will be paying $226 a month. As a result, utility prices have risen by 9% and food by more than 10%.

The Democratic Party’s green extremism has destroyed America’s economy.

  1. Crime

The year 2020 has thrown the US into the clutches of fascist extremists Antifa and BLM, with direct political and financial support from the Democratic Party, entertained by the mainstream media. Kamala Harris, US Vice President, has been calling for donations for criminals arrested for destroying federal property, burning down towns and businesses of ordinary Americans.

The extremist policy of “defund the police,” of demonizing law enforcement, has become the number one priority of Democratic mayors and governors, so that once-attractive cities like Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York have all succumbed to the aggressive crime wave, along with threats from the highest federal level – the White House and Congress – that Amendment II, Americans’ right to bear arms and defend themselves, will be repealed.

Democratic policies of eliminating prosecution for theft up to $950, legalization of high-risk drugs, woke ambitions of Democratic general prosecutors to no longer prosecute a range of crimes (consumption and trafficking of high-risk drugs, breaking and entering, and more) have had the immediate effect of increasing rampant, unchecked shoplifting, leading to ruined family businesses, and worse, the early retirement or resignation of thousands of police officers who can’t cope with the violence on the streets and the understaffing facing law enforcement departments.

Yes, the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 is reprehensible and some of former President Trump’s supporters deserve their punishments, but it is almost impossible to equate to the human and material damage done by left-wing extremists with the support of the Democratic Party.

Americans fear for their safety and their families, especially in Democratic cities and states. Americans are once again demanding law enforcement on the streets, near their businesses, in the neighborhoods where they are raising their children.

  1. Illegal immigration

Under President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, nearly 5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States, placing a heavy burden on cities along the southern border. Refusing to admit that the country is facing an intense illegal immigration crisis, the Biden administration has allowed Mexican cartels to bring high-risk drugs, operate human trafficking operations into the US, with the border merely an open door for high-risk criminals and terrorists.

In April 2022, Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona arrested and released a Colombian national who entered the U.S. illegally, 35-year-old Isnardo Garcia-Amado, who was on the U.S. terrorist watch list. Under the guidance of the Biden administration, Garcia-Amado was released into US territory with a tracking device mounted on him. The Border Patrol was unable to re-arrest him for two weeks due to a lack of procedures, requiring the intervention of the FBI, which detained the terrorist in Florida.

On the same day, news broke that the FBI had uncovered an ISIS plot to smuggle assassins into the US across the southern border to kill former President George W. Bush.

Another devastating consequence of completely open borders is drug trafficking, especially with Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is wreaking havoc. We are increasingly seeing incredible footage from well-heeled cities like Philadelphia of people getting high on drugs in the street and frozen in overdoses, the kind you only see in zombie movies. According to homeland security reports and many news reports, Fentanyl is bought from China and smuggled freely into the US by Mexican cartels.

Not long after taking office, President Joe Biden reversed almost all of the Trump administration’s policies that kept borders and Americans safe. If it wasn’t enough that they don’t want to acknowledge the illegal immigration crisis, Democrats showed their true hypocrisy when they refused to take in illegal immigrants bused by Republican governors from Texas and Florida to Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, even though these cities have declared themselves sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

To this day, the Democratic Party still won’t admit that the U.S. is facing an illegal immigration crisis that brings crime, drugs and insecurity to American citizens.

  1. Freedom

Whether we’re talking about the right to bear arms, the composition of the Supreme Court, lockdowns, child education and abortion, America has never before been under such threat of the destruction of the freedoms that have enshrined it.

The Democratic agenda of controlling every aspect of American life is so out in the open that no one is bothering to hide it anymore. The Democrats’ plan for the federal government to decide instead of the individual states, their obsession with concentrating all administrative, political, economic, financial and social power in Washington DC is a descent into pure communism – and Romanians living in the US know well what such totalitarianism means.

The pandemic was the one that brought out the most communist in the Democratic Party. Lockdowns, extreme mandates in California, Illinois, New York, Michigan – where people weren’t even allowed out of their homes to water their gardens, churches were threatened with demolition, schools closed, front-line heroes fired – became elements of control over the daily lives of American citizens, an abuse of power. Not public health measures.

The Freedom of Religion, the Freedom of Speech have been the constant targets of Democratic Party policies – pastors, churches, Christians dragged through the courts because all this time they have maintained their religious convictions as required by the Constitution.

Put in contrast to the balanced pandemic policies of states like Texas and Florida – which have been cautious about the virus but at the same time concerned about children’s education, the need for religious worship, the economy and American business – it’s easy to see what the right approach was. Republican states have prospered, while Democratic states have sunk deeper into distress.

The last two years have also meant an increasingly vehement backlash from parents against public schools and school boards filled with progressives and sex-Marxists who assume the role of owner of their children, what education they offer them, what ideology and history they teach them, all without parental knowledge or consent.

News stories and videos of parents across the country taking a stand against school boards approving books with graphic pornographic images and language for kindergarteners, drag shows in public libraries, encouraging children to change their sex are multiplying, while the Biden administration, through the Justice Department, labels these parents as “domestic terrorists” and directs the FBI to intervene.

After the Supreme Court’s constitutionally just decision overturning Roe v. Wade, a return of the abortion issue to the state decision-making level, the Biden administration and the Democratic Party plunged into a culture of death, encouraging and funding the killing of unborn children at the federal level. Some departments of the administration have gone so far as to claim that the economy or the military is not doing well because women cannot kill their unborn children freely.

Recently, Stacey Abrams, a Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia and a writer of erotic novels, suggested that if women had the option of aborting their babies, they wouldn’t be so worried about rising gas and food prices.

What is the Republican Party agenda

The Republican candidates dominate the agenda and the Democratic challengers in the election debates. They are articulate, well-prepared and they hit all the important issues Americans care about: jobs, safety and freedom. Republicans already have the experience and expertise of the past mandate of economic well-being and putting America back on the leadership track the entire globe needs.

But it is not enough. Lately, a number of top Republican leaders have given the impression that they are not going to be very combative in the midterms, content that the Democrats are destroying themselves and that the polls are in their favor.

As immediate actions, Republicans propose cutting budget spending, securing the border and implementing policies to stimulate the economy.

The Republican Party, as a whole, should be much more in tune with the expectations and concerns of Americans through policies directly connected to the people, and less through backroom politics. At the same time, neither should we demonize politics, because politics is important, negotiations are necessary, and sometimes involve a series of compromises, but at critical times like 2022 there is no place or time for political games.

What is the Democratic Party agenda

The Democrats are well aware of what America looks like in their term, and are struggling to take a defensive stance. The economic situation hangs like a millstone over election debates, interactions with voters and the press. We are seeing more and more stories of Democratic voters verbally attacking Democratic politicians like AOC, Pelosi for not keeping their word to them. The Democrats are being bullied from all sides, their candidates are totally dominated in debates, that even the mainstream media can no longer ignore their disastrous policies and they know it – which is why we should not underestimate them.

The Democratic Party’s strategy these days is simple. The Democrats are doing what they do best: changing the subject, changing the language, trying to turn a black situation into a gray one at best. So, they resort to scaring the population, as they did so successfully, unfortunately, in the pandemic: “if Republicans win the economy will suffer, Americans will live harder, women will not have reproductive health care, we will have mass attacks, etc.” – meaning. “don’t look at the mess we created and watch out for the Republicans, they are the real problem”. In their desperation, we are again threatened that “the virus is a global medical problem”, even though two months ago the same President Biden declared that the US was no longer in a pandemic state.

With less than two weeks to go until the November 8 election, Americans have before them two starkly contrasting pictures: what the US looked like under Trump and the potential for a return to a standard of living enhanced by the Republican Party’s vote, and the disaster created by the Democratic Party in just two years, with the risk of being perpetuated at an even worse level for another two years.

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