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No, I don’t think he truly lost the election! At worst, the election might’ve been rigged, at best, the electorate might’ve been deceived! Well,

No, I don’t think he truly lost the election!

At worst, the election might’ve been rigged, at best, the electorate might’ve been deceived!

Well, for all those that decry his pompous and obnoxious attitudes, statements and former indiscretions, I’ve had that position before the 2016 election when I did not vote.

But cutting through the noise, the facts are still that he was the most conservative… courageously conservative President in recent history, if not of all times.

His positions AND actions were clearly and unapologetically pro life, pro faith, pro family, pro America and freedom!

His negotiations and decisions showed everybody that whatever political motivations you would assign to them, he stood by these values consistently and convincingly.

The attacks he withstood, the conspiracies he had to thwart, the hate and rage he had to endure, I can’t even begin to understand how he survived it all for four years.

But he did and we’re all better for it, whether we know it or not.

I’m not going to dignify the lame charge against all the prophets and prophecies that anticipated Trump will win.

We’ve always known it can be true or false.

They went on a limb and if nothing changes, they will pay the price for their falsehoods.

But all that is just a digression.

I’m also put off by some invoking that his supporters were caught on in some kind of messianic like movement.

The only thing I would personally concede is that I desperately hoped he would win for America’s sake, maybe the world’s sake, definitely our own sake.

I know what’s coming our way, and I hope those that are so quickly jumping ship, would not have to google 1st Kings 22:25 “You will find out soon enough when you are trying to hide in some secret room!”

Yes, I know all about God being in control and everything being according to His will, active or passive, but I also know that He is giving us choices and consequences.

And I dare say… we won’t like the consequences this time.

Also, jumping out of a sinking ship into shark infested waters might not be a better choice anyway. It also shows intellectual dishonesty blaming the President for the unbecoming actions of a few, or pretending like he shouldn’t have attended a rally organized by supporters in his own backyard.

Of course, people and history, and ultimately God, will judge President Trump’s deeds and legacy, but for his so called conservative detractors, having such an early, sharp and disgraceful turnaround shows lack of maturity, equilibrium and common sense.

If President Trump has indeed lost this election, because he went too far with his tantrums, or America is not what it used to be, or the virus just happened and complicated things, even if we suspect fraud… well, that’s why he won.

Departing from his policies of values and freedoms, embracing a new administration overreaching into the realms of socialism and Marxism might show the American people what THEY have lost.

It is too early to draw too many conclusions.

It is too late to do anything about it.

But me, I’m too much of a loyal and a bit of an idealist person to just turn around and abandon somebody who, in the darkest days of 2020 oppression against our church, stood with us and for us and declared us as essential.

President Reagan once related a story about taking over the presidency and talking to one of the leaders in Congress, who told him “Mr. President, we’re going to be with you through thick!” To which the President wondered “What about thin?” The Congressman smiled and said “Welcome to Washington!”

I understand some people being put off by President Trump’s style. We all knew it and weren’t too bothered by it until… he lost!

But, already screaming “Crucify him”?

Pastor Cristian Ionescu
Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church, Chicago, IL