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The time has come for Planned Parenthood to be closed!

The time has come for Planned Parenthood to be closed!

 Dați click aici pentru a citi acest articol în limba Română  Planned Parenthood has been killing babies and selling their body parts for profit fo

 Dați click aici pentru a citi acest articol în limba Română 

Planned Parenthood has been killing babies and selling their body parts for profit for many years. The time has now come to stop them and to shut them down!

In the summer of 2015, David Daleiden exposed this disturbing reality by releasing a series of videos on YouTube that were filmed during his prior 30-month undercover investigation of the organization. For this investigation, David and his partner, Sandra Merritt, posed as representatives of a new tissue procurement company interested in partnering with the Planned Parenthood modeled off similar companies already working with them.

They went to various abortion conferences and recorded conversations with important people involved in the industry making controversial and shocking statements. As a result of their videos, an investigation with the Department of Justice into Planned Parenthood began, as well as criminal investigations in many states. Also, there were 26 states seeking to defund the organization after their release.

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider and is responsible for approximately 330,000 abortions per year. This is a great tragedy since every abortion takes the life of a little developing human being created in the image of God. Instead of striving to protect these precious little lives, Planned Parenthood seeks to continue its practice of killing them. Furthermore, they have been known to lie to women, exploiting them for financial gain.

Due to the videos, the brand has had to deal with an additional stain upon its reputation which is the trafficking of aborted baby parts for profit. The videos show Planned Parenthood doctors willing to alter abortion procedures to obtain better intact organs in order to sell them to companies seeking to harvest them for research purposes. Rather than admit to their crimes and rid their organization of such practices, they are denying any wrongdoing and are seeking to punish those who exposed them.

For the past six weeks, Planned Parenthood has been in a civil trial in a federal San Francisco court against David Daleiden and his ProLife organization, the Center For Medical Progress. The judge is William Orrick III who has close ties with the organization and refused to recuse himself from the case. On November 15, a jury of ten ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood. They ordered David Daleiden, and others working together with him, to pay a total of $2,275,083 in apparent damages. The defense lawyers will appeal this decision in the ninth circuit and maybe even the Supreme Court.

David and Sandra now face a criminal case starting December 6. They are each being charged with 14 counts of invasion of privacy and could face 10 years in prison. Daily fervent prayer and regular fasting is encouraged for the upcoming criminal trial.

I urge you to fast and pray for the next phase of this trial, especially for the defense lawyers – Harry Mihet, Nic Cocis, Peter Breen, and Brentford Ferreira. Pray for an impartial judge and jury, and pray that David and Sandra would be vindicated.

Having followed much of the civil case in person in the courtroom, I can testify that God is with David and Sandra, that He is in control, and that He answers prayer. Even though the defense work with an unfair liberal judge presiding in perhaps the most liberal city in America, God worked wonderfully to allow certain videos and segments to be shown to the jury that revealed the trafficking of baby body parts.

Also, as I listened to the facts in the case, I marveled at the hand of God in leading and protecting both of them so that they could capture and release the incriminating statements of important figures in the abortion industry.

The battle has only begun. The Body of Christ is being called to wake up from sleep and to cast apathy away. We must keep our eyes on Jesus and call upon God in faith to intervene and to deliver David and Sandra from Planned Parenthood and their political allies. Other ways to participate is to spread the word about the case to Pastors and to share the videos with others. They can be found at http://centerformedicalprogress.org

The Bible says in Galatians 6:9, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” May God help us to persevere in this noble battle for justice and for the end of Planned Parenthood. David Daleiden summarized the situation in our nation well when he said, “Without Planned Parenthood’s industrial scale, state-sponsored child killing will be consigned to the dustbin where it belongs. They are pulling out all the stops, . . . pulling in all their last political favors to keep full-scale, government funded industrialized child killing. If we keep steady, we can win. And we will win, no matter how much blood money Planned Parenthood reaps in, no matter how smooth and glittering their meticulous deception. If we stay focused, we will hasten the day when there is no longer a price tag put on human life.”


Holy Father,

We pray that You intervene in a glorious and mighty way in David and Sandra’s civil and criminal case. We pray that You would bless and guide the defense lawyers as they appeal the decision made last Friday. Give them wisdom, favor, and insight and may they receive an impartial judge in the 9th circuit. May the truth continue to be told and grant true justice in this case. Destroy all the works and wiles of the devil. Continue to bless and strengthen Harry, Nic, Peter, and Brent, and prepare them for the upcoming criminal trial. Do grant an impartial jury. Continue to arouse a slumbering Church, and cause us all around the world to pray fervently and fast regularly for the ultimate victory. We pray that Planned Parenthood would be shut down soon, that Roe v. Wade would be overturned, and that a massive revival would come to America. Heal our land Father,

In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

Iosif Ducarescu