BREAKING | Furdui case: Natalia and Estera Furdui are home

BREAKING | Furdui case: Natalia and Estera Furdui are home

On 28 February 2022, the administrative court in Walsrode, Germany, ruled that Natalia and Estera Furdui, aged 14 and 13, must return home with their parents.

Proceeding identically to the moment of provocation of this unimaginable drama for a family, the officials of the Jugendamt Heidekreis unjustifiably delayed to implement the court decision and let the two girls come home, while they did not hesitate to impose other abusive and unreal measures for the rest of the Furdui children and parents – fewer and fewer visits between parents and children, between siblings, moving two other children to other cities.

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The Furdui Initiative team, consisting of lawyers, advocates, European community leaders and extended family members, commented on the decision on the case’s official Facebook page. The statement reads:

Natalia and Estera Furdui are finally home.

After a series of tergiversations by Jugendamt officials, we are happy to announce that Natalia and Estera are home, but it is not a complete joy considering that David, Naomi, Albert, Ruben and little Lea are still abusively separated from their family by Jugendamt Heidekreis.

Parents Camelia and Petru Furdui receive relief from the suffering and drama that began more than a year ago in their family.

We thank God and we thank you, Furdui’s supporters, for your prayers, protests, care and mobilization. But we can’t stop here, not now – the Furdui family must be reunited as a whole.

Following the case for several months, the Romanian Tribune’s investigation shows that the Jugendamt officials involved in the case – Mrs. Sina Böhling, the head of the institution, in particular – are acting illegally and inhumanely, violating not only the sanctity of the family, but also domestic and international laws protecting the family.


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