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Furdui Case: Christmas 2021 for The Furdui Family

Furdui Case: Christmas 2021 for The Furdui Family

In the Furdui house there is a deafening silence. Only the diamond pigeons that the children used to take care of are whistling and squeaking now a

In the Furdui house there is a deafening silence.

Only the diamond pigeons that the children used to take care of are whistling and squeaking now and you can hear their gentle cooing sounds every morning.

Some of Lea’s toys have been motionless for months, as if they belonged to a child who grew up and has now left home.

Where to go and what to do in this house?

How can they prepare Christmas cakes? The flavored baking essence bottles, almond flour, and baking powder are untouched. How can they find the strength to make gingerbread cookies and old goodies? Who is left to enjoy baking shapes of Christmas trees, angels, or snowflakes? What a stark contrast to last winter when the children competed for the most beautiful baking shapes! Who else could you teach baking secrets to if not your own daughters?  But they are held captive by strangers who are watching over them with the pretense that they know what’s best for them!

The children’s rooms, beds, and desks are screaming out, a constant reminder that this house shouldn’t be so quiet. Everything is frozen, not in enchantment but rather in deep sadness.

Who can sing carols and dress in festive outfits to gather with fellow Christians to celebrate the birth of Our Savior as was done the years before?

It is a bleak and dreary holiday, but you know what?! The baby born in the manger is now King and lives in our hearts. We pray that the hearts of the Furdui children will be comforted and encouraged, as well as the parents.

We know for them it is not a time of joy and family gathering together. It is a time of sorrow, pain, and tears. But the heavenly Father sees them and hears the cry of their heart. The Lord Jesus tasted loneliness and sorrow in this world, and He can comfort the hearts of the parents and children of the Furdui family.

Recently the children’s desire to bury their grandmother was denied. Now they are not even allowed to be home for the holidays to alleviate their longing and regain the joy that only their family could bring.

A request was made to the court for the children to be allowed to spend Christmas Day at home, but the request was denied and that request will be decided in January!!

What kind of a human being could be so heartless?!”

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; weep with those who weep ”- Romans 12:15

The Furdui family is a Romanian family that has been living in Germany for 9 years. The family has 7 children: David – 16 years old, Naomi – 14 years old, Esther – 13 years old, Natalia – 12 years old, Ruben – 11 years old, Albert – 9 years old and Lea – 1 year old).

Petru works in the field of installations and interior design, and Camelia is a housewife, dedicating all her time to caring for and raising children.

On April 26, 2021, the German state, through the child protection institution, Jugendamt, confiscated their children. At this moment, they are unjustifiably kept in two dormitories, and the little girl in a surrogate family.

The children expressed in various ways the desire to come home and be with their parents, but this is not taken into account.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/sustinemfamiliafurdui and https://furduifamily.org/en/acasa-english/

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