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On 21 March, in Walsrode took place a hearing in the case of the Furdui family. The court's decision is incomprehensible given that almost a year has [...]
Încă de la declanşarea acestei drame am luat atitudine, deplasându-mă în Germania, alaturi de senatorul Titus Corlățean, unde am purtat discuţii [...]
READ ON THE SAME SUBJECT: Furdui Case: The Jugendamt Prisoners (III) – Sina Böhling, Chief of the Jugendamt Heidekreis, and the great cover-up of the [...]
The Romanian Tribune Newspaper continues the series of articles on the Furdui family case based on an ongoing investigation started two months ago. R [...]
The Romanian Tribune begins today the publishing of a series of articles in the matter of the Furdui family from Germany, based on an ongoing investig [...]
To the Editorial Office of Walsroder Zeitung and Mr. Rolf Hillmann, Following the article signed by you on January 7, 2022, and in the spirit of et [...]
I don't know what Christmas meant to you. For the Furdui family, it was probably the most difficult Christmas. I had the opportunity to spend Christma [...]
In the Furdui house there is a deafening silence. Only the diamond pigeons that the children used to take care of are whistling and squeaking now a [...]
During the first month, the shock of separation, tears and unanswered questions took place. In the second month, the hope of a speedy and fair tria [...]
Washington DC, USA Nov. 20th 2021 Peaceful protest denouncing the human rights abuses of Germany's child protection services (Jugendamt) in th [...]
It is clear that their love is stronger than the punitive threats of the authorities, if they dare deserting the institutions to meet their family. [...]
Last week, Camelia Furdui was pleasantly surprised and rejoiced to see four of her children in her home. Through an unannounced visit, the children ra [...]
Furdui’s children were taken by the Jugendamt on April 26, 2021. Almost seven months have passed since then and the German authorities still do not se [...]
The Furdui Family's children were seized by Jugendamt on April 26, 2021. Six months passed since then, in which aunts and other relatives of the child [...]
On Saturday, October 9, 2021, a protest took place in Vienna against the abuses of the Jugendamt (German child protection institution) and in solidari [...]
Scrisoarea AFR către Ambasada Germaniei la București. Începe să se coaguleze o mișcare globală de solidaritate cu Familia Furdui. Vă mulțumesc celo [...]
PETITION ONLINE FOR THE RETURN OF THE 7 SIBLINGS OF THE FURDUI FAMILY The confiscation of the children on April 26 by the German state is an abusiv [...]
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