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Furdui Case: Christmas is over…

Furdui Case: Christmas is over…

I don't know what Christmas meant to you. For the Furdui family, it was probably the most difficult Christmas. I had the opportunity to spend Christma

I don’t know what Christmas meant to you. For the Furdui family, it was probably the most difficult Christmas. I had the opportunity to spend Christmas with Petre and Camelia. Maybe you had a rich spread, good health, all your loved ones around you and yet you were unhappy …

Camelia and Petre would have liked to celebrate in this way too, but their house is deserted!

They could not enjoy themselves even for a moment! A dead silence reigns over their house; their hearts are aching and afflicted, and their deep longing for their children regularly fills their eyes with tears.

They are crushed that their seven children, for whom they sacrificed their lives and whom they dearly love, were forcibly taken by the Jugendamt and placed far from their love.

In the midst of this silence from time to time the five little diamond doves make a little noise. They sing, but it seems that their sound and song inspire sadness and insecurity… It was a sorrowful Christmas!

There was no longer a desire to have some tea or lunch with someone. All their time was spent realizing that in fact nothing makes sense to them anymore.

Food is no longer food, day is no longer day, and the night has become something they can’t wait to get through.

The only thing these parents could do, which seemed to give them energy to move forward, was to flip through the children’s photo albums. They lovingly showed me the photos, lingering on little Lea. They shared the beautiful memories of their children.

I learned so much about them! They are such smart and wonderful children, children for whom these parents made great sacrifices. They did everything they could to keep them close to each other and close to God.

I really wanted to see the children for Christmas. That was the purpose of my visit.

On December 26, I asked someone to take me to the child care facility to visit my nieces. I took some Christmas candies with me, but when I got there I was told I couldn’t go inside, so I asked them to let me see my nieces for 5 minutes. I told them that I had traveled from the United States especially to meet them. I would have been happy to see them for two minutes, just to give them these sweets… but the attempt to see my nieces was unsuccessful.

The next day, Monday, December 27, I showed up at the Jugendamt and asked to be allowed to visit all my nieces and nephews for 90 minutes. I emailed them on June 17, six months before, asking them to coordinate a visit with them, but I did not receive any response from them. The same thing happened with the registered letter. Nobody answered my correspondence. But when I went there in person, they wouldn’t let me visit the kids. I started to reach out to different Jugendamt representatives. Lastly, I contacted the head of the department, Mr. J. Köhne. I emailed and also spoke with him on the phone. I explained the situation to him and asked for his help to coordinate a meeting with my nieces and nephews, but sadly I was told that he cannot do anything for me. It did not matter that I reached out to them six months ago asking to coordinate a meeting with my nieces and nephews, which I consider is my legal right.

I cannot believe that these things are happening in a country like Germany where even criminals would have been treated better. What is happening in this department of Jugendamt Bad Fallingbostel is unacceptable!!

Dear children, if you ever see this message, I would like you to know that your parents love you and are waiting for you at home every day. Their love for you overwhelms their heart. For your sake, they won’t stop fighting until they see you at home again!

Be brave!!

Ana Furdui

The Furdui family is a Romanian family that has been living in Germany for 9 years. The family has 7 children: David – 16 years old, Naomi – 14 years old, Esther – 13 years old, Natalia – 12 years old, Ruben – 11 years old, Albert – 9 years old and Lea – 1 year old).

Petru works in the field of installations and interior design, and Camelia is a housewife, dedicating all her time to caring for and raising children.

On April 26, 2021, the German state, through the child protection institution, Jugendamt, confiscated their children. At this moment, they are unjustifiably kept in two dormitories, and the little girl in a surrogate family.

The children expressed in various ways the desire to come home and be with their parents, but this is not taken into account.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/sustinemfamiliafurdui and https://furduifamily.org/en/acasa-english/