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Furdui Case: One of the Furdui children was forcibly hospitalized in a Psychiatric clinic by Jugendamt

Furdui Case: One of the Furdui children was forcibly hospitalized in a Psychiatric clinic by Jugendamt

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On Thursday morning, the Facebook page of the Furdui case in Germany issued a statement regarding the forced hospitalization of one of Furdui’s children in a Psychiatric clinic by the Jugendamt.

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“The UNREAL decision of the court strikes again at the Furdui children. One of the Furdui children was forcibly psychiatrically hospitalized by the Jugendamt

Following the unqualified decision of the case judge, the Furdui children were deeply discouraged. Two days after this decision, one of the girls disappeared from the home, and another was forcibly hospitalized by the Jugendamt in a psychiatric clinic.

On February 17, in contradiction to any right of defense, the court met on its own, without the knowledge of the lawyers and parents, and withdrew all parental rights of the Furdui parents, granting full guardianship to the Jugendamt, arguing that the children’s visits when they go home, these brief moments of joy for the family, represent an “imminent danger.”

Esther was found safely at a considerable distance from Walsrode. We believe she is desperate because of the physical and mental condition in which she is put by the Jugendamt. She desires and insists on being allowed to come home to her parents with all her siblings. But Jugendamt continues to ignore her.

Worse still, having the full guardianship of the Furdui children, the Jugendamt resorted to increasingly heinous measures to punish the Furdui children for fleeing home: forced hospitalization of one of them in a Psychiatric clinic.

We do not have additional information, nor do we understand the logic of Jugendamt Bad Fallingbostel for hospitalizing a healthy, cheerful child in psychiatry. But the court’s decision puts the children’s lives exclusively in the hands of the agency that has been abusing them for ten months.

We are convinced that following the revelations of the abuse in the case of the Furdui family, Jugendamt Heidekreis will resort to even more inhumane practices to cover up their tracks.

We call on Mr. Jens Grote, Administrator of the Heidekreis District, and Ms. Sina Böhling, Head of the Jugendamt Heidekreis, to put the welfare of the children and the reunion of the Furdui family above their public image.”

Furdui Initiative Team