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Furdui Case: Two girls will return home – Court

Furdui Case: Two girls will return home – Court

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On 21 March, in Walsrode took place a hearing in the case of the Furdui family. The court’s decision is incomprehensible given that almost a year has passed since Furdui’s children were abusively separated from their parents. Why only two children and not all seven?

Following Monday’s decision, two girls of the Furdui family are allowed to return home, namely Estera (14 years old) and Natalia (13 years old).

The proceedings lasted seven hours, the trial also being about the global protests that have taken place so far in support of the Furdui family – we already know that the authorities in Heidekreis are feeling a sharp frustration over the massive protest on February 27, when the town of Walsrode was peacefully occupied by 10,000 people who denounced the Jugendamt abuses.

For 11 months Estera and Natalia, together with the boys Albert and Ruben, have repeatedly expressed their wish to be allowed to come home, having been refused by the Jugendamt and the judge.

Is it a step forward, has the Jugendamt changed its attitude? Will see. The Jugendamt’s abuses are not time-barred and Heidekreis officials still have a number of pressing questions to answer, especially the head of the Jugendamt, Sina Böhling who, surprisingly, is still tolerated in the position.

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Last week, the Furdui Initiative Team announced on the official case page upcoming protests in Germany and the United States for the Furdui family reunification.

Following the March 21 decision, the Initiative Team issued the following statement on Tuesday:

“Dear supporters of the Furdui family,

As you well know, on March 21, an important trial took place regarding the case of the Furdui family.

After the trial, only Esther and Natalia will return home. We are happy for them and wish all the other children a chance to return to their family soon.

We will continue to fight until the Furdui family is reunited, and we ask you to continue your support in prayer.

We will come back with more comments in the coming days.

Thank you for your support.

The Furdui Team”