Interview with Laura Bretan in The Caribbean Post

Interview with Laura Bretan in The Caribbean Post

Interview with Laura Bretan in The Caribbean Post

WASHINGTON, USA – Laura Bretan was born in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents are Romanians from Transylvania (mother – from Hunedoara, father – from Maramureş). The young soprano with an outstanding voice has been having multiple appearances on prestigious television shows and international festivals such as America’s Got Talent 2016.

On October 17, 2018, Laura attended The 100th Century Gala, organized by the Romanian Embassy in the United States of America, in Washington, DC. More recently, she was a finalist at the national selection of Romania for Eurovision 2019.

On that occasion I asked for a brief interview.

Q: Laura, you bear a famous name for the musical world in Romania. Nicolae Bretan was a famous Romanian composer. Are you somehow related to him?

A: (Surprised) Oh, no, I really don’t know. He is a famous composer (and baritone) born in Transylvania. Yeah, yeah, I heard about him, but I don’t know if…

Q: Let’s move on to the next question. In 2016, you, at only 14, were the winner of the sixth edition of the show, Romania’s Got Talent, and you were the sixth finalist of the 11th Edition of America’s Got Talent.

A: Yes.

Q: From whom did you inherit this extraordinary musical talent that you have?

A: I believe it is a gift from God, from above. I think this [the voice – the author’s note] cannot be given (so my mom said) and I am very happy with it and I hope that I will make people around me happy with my music.

Q: You have been criticized by some for the urge addressed to voters to attend and vote for a Referendum to ban same-sex marriage in Romania, in October 2018. How do you respond to your critics?

A: (A little Surprised) Either good or bad, there will be critics anyway.

Q: For your fans, what will your next project be? Are you working to release a CD or perform in concerts?

A: Yes, we are now preparing an album, and I would like to go on tour.

Q: A tour in the United States, and other countries?

A: I would like that both in Romania, and in the States.

Q: Finally, what is your message for the Romanian-American community?

A: Thank you very much, with all my heart, for your support. And because you have received me with such warmth and beauty. And I really feel very loved and thank you!

Q: That’s right. We thank you, too.

A: Thank you. God bless.

Tiberiu Dianu – The Caribbean Post