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Ben Oni Ardelean: The Furdui family is the victim of a system directed against the families and towards their division

Ben Oni Ardelean: The Furdui family is the victim of a system directed against the families and towards their division

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Since the beginning of this drama, I have taken a stand, travelling to Germany together with Senator Titus Corlățean where we have had official discussions on all levels – from local authorities to (regional) government -. Everything to succeed in finding a real solution.

I am sad to say that I am outraged by the path of this issue and I PUBLICLY CONDEMN the German child protection institution – Jugendamt Bad Fallingbostel – for the abusive treatment of the Romanian family and for the vile steps it has taken, with obvious purpose to destroy them. IT’S UNREAL!

On February 17, without the knowledge of the parents and their lawyers, the court met alone and withdrew all the rights of the parents regarding any aspect of their children’s lives, granting full guardianship to the Jugendamt. All in the conditions in which the Romanian ambassador in Berlin asked to be present at the appearance at the end of the month, being refused by the judge. At the same time, the boys of the family constantly escape from their shelter and run-away back home (to their parents), and Natalia, the other daughter of the family, sent a letter to the judge asking her to be allowed to go home.

After a long suffering and struggle for the justice and freedom of her family, two days after the court plot with Jugendamt, Esther, the (oldeest) daughter of the Furdui family, in a desperate attempt to get home, disappeared from the home where she was placed. She was found and returned to the placement shelter …

I wonder, though, who is responsible for the dramas these children are subjected to? Who is responsible for all this trauma? Remains to be seen … But I assure you that we will not be trampled on by the propagandists of a miserable system in which the state decides for children and their fate, sending them to the corner with their families.

This is not democracy!

The “progressivism” promoted by some leads to the regression of society, not to civilization. And the leaders do not seem to remember these harmful practices that we lived through during the sadly remembered years of communism.

I will keep you posted on future steps. Pray for the Furdui family!

Ben Oni Ardelean
Member of the Romanian Parliament
Vicepresident of the Commission for Foreign Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies