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Furdui Case: Few minutes with mother

Furdui Case: Few minutes with mother

Furdui Case: Furdui’s children, under pressure to break contact with their family
Furdui Case – Protest against Jugendamt in Vienna, Austria
Furdui Case: Two girls will return home – Court

Last week, Camelia Furdui was pleasantly surprised and rejoiced to see four of her children in her home. Through an unannounced visit, the children ran home as fast as they could come one by one at different times. Three of them dropped off a letter for the authorities asking for help to return home.

The Furdui family is a Romanian family that has been living in Germany for 9 years. The family has 7 children: David – 16 years old, Naomi – 14 years old, Esther – 13 years old, Natalia – 12 years old, Ruben – 11 years old, Albert – 9 years old and Lea – 1 year old).

Petru works in the field of installations and interior design, and Camelia is a housewife, dedicating all her time to caring for and raising children.

On April 26, 2021, the German state, through the child protection institution, Jugendamt, confiscated their children. At this moment, they are unjustifiably kept in two dormitories, and the little girl in a surrogate family.

The children expressed in various ways the desire to come home and be with their parents, but this is not taken into account.

Albert, finding out that his older brothers had written letters, was very brave and took courage, expressing his desire to write his own letter. He wants to be home with his parents and all of his siblings.

We are anxiously waiting for the authorities to acknowledge the wishes of the children and take steps toward family reunification.

Following secret home visits, Jugendamt employees and home care providers began to exert great pressure on the children. They even forbade them to speak to someone they knew if they encountered them on the street.

It is obvious how petty they are by trying to coerce and manipulate children. There is strong evidence that workers in child facilities are in a conflict of interest when they report parent-child meetings. Children facilities are private custodial dormitories, which provide accommodation services in Jugendamt. There is no doubt that they want as many children as possible in their child facilities for as long as possible.

Peter, Camelia and their children, David, Naomi, Esther, Natalia, Ruben, Albert and Leah still need our support in all ways possible. In prayer, to participate in the actions that are organized and, most importantly, to await the day when their family is reunited.

Thank you. God bless you.

For more information please visit https://www.facebook.com/sustinemfamiliafurdui and https://furduifamily.org/en/acasa-english/

Statement from the Furdui Extended Family