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Jugendamt: Germany’s family hacker

Jugendamt: Germany’s family hacker

More than 9,000 Romanians have protested in Berlin in support of the Furdui family. Jugendamt’s last-minute decision
Furdui Case: One of the Furdui children was forcibly hospitalized in a Psychiatric clinic by Jugendamt
The Jugendamt Prisoners | Head of Jugendamt Heidekreis, Sina Böhling, in charge of the Furdui case, has resigned

Family hacking is not a European value. And yet, this is precisely what Germany does through its child kidnapping institution, inappropriately called Jugendamt, and which is the equivalent of the Child Protection Services in the United States.

Events related to the dismemberment of the Furdui Family in Germany continue to unfold at a sustained pace, particularly after the massive demonstration of support for the family which took place in Berlin the last Saturday in November. It now appears that the two smaller boys of the family’s seven (7) children will be allowed by the German state to visit their biological parents every other Saturday, starting this month. The visits, however, will be supervised by the same family hackers who kidnapped the children back in April 2021 and flooded Germany’s courts with lies and disinformation to justify the kidnapping of the children and their unlawful detention.

The bait and switch approach Jugendamt has used to harass and intimidate the Furduis is immoral. It amounts to state-sponsored aggression against an innocent and defenseless family. Jugendamt continues to maintain its position as gatekeeper in this gruesome act of family dismemberment. It opens the gate whenever it wants and only allows through it what it wishes. It still holds custody of the Furdui children, as though they were chattel.

Jugendamt is an inhumane German experiment in the mistreatment of innocent human beings. It needs to end. And the German state should consider providing significant reparations to families for the emotional and mental anguish it inflicted on them through the forceful and merciless separation of children from their parents.


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Peter Costea